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In 2011. season’s tournament series will start with some little changes due to teams’ and players’ suggestions, which will make the tournament more interesting and appealing for the teams. This season tournament series will be organized in one day on two fields for all the divisions. The major changes will affect 2nd and 3rd divisions. 2nd division will play 10 minute match until 3 wins, 3rd division teams will play match until 2 wins without coaching.

Like in previous years tournament series will gather strongest Baltic region as well as other countries’ teams in four events that will be held in Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, Vilnius.

The dates of tournament events:

07.05.2011. – Helsinki, Finland;

11.06.2011. – Riga, Latvia;

06.08.2011. – Stockholm, Sweden;

17.09.2011. – Vilnius, Lithuania.


The four tournaments results will form overall rating. The winners of each event will be awarded with medals. The winners of the tournament series will be awarded with cups and will share up 3000 Euros. The prize will be divided between winner teams in each division.

Division 1 – 1500 Euros

Division 2 – 1000 Euros

Division 3 – 500 Euros


The regulations will be based on “Millennium” tournament series rules. The field layout will be adopted from “Millennium” tournament series field layout.

Games’ format:

Division 1 - Xball

10 minute game until 4 wins. 3 elimination matches.

Division 2 – Xball light

10 minute game until 3 wins.  3 elimination matches.

Division 3 – Xball super light

8 minute game until 2 wins. 4 elimination matches.

Participation fee:

Participation fee can be paid at any of tournament organizers.

Division 1 – 250 Euros per event or 900 Euros per all season.

Division 2 – 200 Euros per event or 750 Euros per all season.

Division 3 – 150 Euros per event or 550 Euros per all season.


More detailed information you can find at the official webpage of the tournament

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