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Latvian Tactical Paintball League

Stage 1 - April 18, Paintball Club "PIF PAF" (Riga distr.), +37126611111,

Detailed information on the organizers of the tournament and the tournament schedule:


  1. Paintball club "PIF PAF" (Riga distr.), +37126611111,
  2. Paintball Club "Cuba" Ogre District, Lielvarde parish. +37122040040,
  3. Cesu paintball park (Cesis) +37126677236,,
  4. Xparks (Gulbene) +37126443053,,
  5. Paintball base Zeltiņos - Former Russian strategic missile base (Aluksne paradise. Zeltiņa parish.) +37128359738,,
  6. Paintball base''Straumēni''(Limbazi paradise. Pale), +37129645400,
  7. Paintball Park 333, Riga District + 37126439583,

Latvian League for tactical Paintball 2009 will be held in 7 stages:

Stage 1 - April 18, Riga distr., "PIF PAF"

Stage 2 - May 16, Ogre district, «CUBA"

Stage 3 - June 13, Cēsu peintbola parks (Cesis)

Stage 4 - July 18, Xparks (Gulbene)

Stage 5 - August 08, former Russian strategic missile base (Aluksne paradise. Zeltiņa pag.)

Stage 6 - September 12, Paintball base''Straumēni''

Stage 7 - October 3, Paintball Park 333

Teams:The composition of the team on the field - 5 people. Total benchwarmer unlimited.

Classification of teams:

Teams will be divided into two categories, respectively, to which the marker is used. The first group will be among the team that uses a different marker from the appropriate shooting mode. The second group will be commands using mechanical or an electronic marker markers. Teams will play with each other regardless of the group. Teams that would be attributed to the second group will be added to the result 25% of rating points.


All tournament games will take place in one category taking into account the classification of teams. From the results of the tournament will be drawn up top teams. Teams that would be attributed to the second group will be added to the result 25% of rating points. The rating will take into account the 5 best result on the basis of the series. During the final stage of 7 teams will takes rating points to +50% of the items for the stage.

Game format:

The script and the conditions for the games will be announced prior to each stage and will take into account the particularities and specificities of each field. Minimum of 8 qualifying games for each team, 4 best teams playing in the finals.


Series of tournaments will serve a special team of judges. Hed Referee of the competition is Paintball EUROREF certificate. On the field at least 6 field judges and one chief justice.

Shooting Mode:

Semi-(semi-auto) with the restriction of 10 shots per second.

Payment of participation:

40 lats for the tournament. Fees include  air up to 4500psi. Do teams have the opportunity to pay the participation of 5 stages - 160 lats, and in 7 stages - 200 lats. Admission fee can be paid at any of the organizers of the tournament or the Paintball store''Peintbols Tev''on the street Gustava Zemgaļa gatve 60 (formerly Vairoga iela 6). Admission fee to be paid two days before each stage. Admission fee, in case of non-participation of the team will not be refunded.

Special offer:

Teams without its equipment, the day of the tournament, rental outfit FREE. Teams tactical league will have the opportunity to participate in the members of the Latvian Paintball League tournament in Division 3 with no entry fee and receive one free box of balls for free.

Request command:

The team is considered registered for the tournament if the form is sent with a list of participants and paid an entrance fee. Application forms can be found at the site of the organizers. Register teams stops for 2 days (until Thursday) to start the next phase. After that date, registration will not be able to command. On the day of competition, team captain will need to confirm the team at a meeting of captains.

Paintball balls:

At the tournaments are allowed to use only balls provided by the organizers at a special price. At each tournament will be provided with balls leading manufacturers such as Draxxus. Range of prices on the balls of 22 to 30 lats per box (2000 pcs.). Using grenades and smoke checkers at the tournament is not limited, as the team can use brought with them. Organizers will also provide an opportunity to buy grenades and smoke bombs at the tournaments.


The prize fund of Euro 2000 Paintball products. Winners of the tournaments will be awarded a specially manufactured  of the tournament with medals and prizes from sponsors. The winners in a series of tournaments at the end of the playing season will be awarded cups, diplomas and prizes from sponsors.

Grand Final:

For the final 7 stage teams will get rating points to +50% of the items for the stage.

Organizing committee: Latvian Tactical Paintball League

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