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The latest issue of SPLATXD adds even more great monthly features and video, including the addition of Sonny Lopez as the all new SPLATXD Pump instructor! You the reader have been asking for a pump training section for a long time now and its finally here, done by the best!

In This Issue

Dynasty Photoshoot - Different clothes, same great taste. Dynasty has switched over to Empire gear, and SPLATXD got them down for a exclusive location photoshoot with Brandon Showers. Includes behind the scenes video hosted by Todd Martinez!

The Return of the NPPL - USPL gods Chuck Hendsch and Tom Cole bought the names and rights to the legendary series at the Pacific Paintball auction, now what do they plan on doing with it? Only we have the answer! Special Interview Available On Thursday, March 5th, watch these pages to know when its been uploaded.

PSP Phoenix - Immediate coverage and photos of a event right after it happened instead of months later? WHAT A CONCEPT! Check out SPLAT's exclusive PSP Phoenix coverage, featuring amazing images from ace photographer Gary Gaum.

Sonny Lopez Pump Tactics - NEW MONTHLY SECTION: Former Dynasty superstar Sonny Lopez joins Nicky Cuba and Todd Martinez as a SPLATXD staff instructor, bringing his legendary pump abilities to a amazing series of video clinics.

Nicky Cuba Pro Training - Episode 2: This month Nicky discusses the break-out shooting abilities that have led the Ironmen to victory.

Todd Martinez Pro Training - Episode 2: The cash money millionaire shares his secrets on how Dynasty sets up their markers.

Firepower Review - Angel A1 Fly Marker: Our team of techs put the hottest Angel through its paces.

Chris Raehl - Monthly Column: PBN's favorite tournament producer is back, sharing more insider insight on the underworld of Paintball.

Attakk Gear: Paintball goddess Kat Secor reviews more amazing paintball products, including the DYE C9 Jersey and Pants, Invert 56/45 Air-System, Proto Matrix Rail and more. Tons of great video!

Also In This Issue
Bonus Balls: News
Gear Head: Tournament and Scenario Edition


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