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San Diego Dynasty and KEE Action Sports are now together!

Sewell, NJ, February 16, 2009. KEE Action Sports LLC. KEE Action Sports announced that it has agreed to sponsor the San Diego Dynasty, the world’s top professional paintball team. KEE will outfit the team with Empire Pants, Jersey, Gloves, and Protective Gear. The team will also be shooting world renowned RPS Paintballs, and wearing the Empire E’Vents Goggles. Dynasty will be maximizing innovation, utilizing the new Empire Prophecy Loader System.

“Dynasty’s success on and off the field make them a perfect fit for Empire and RPS Paintballs, with all three entities being leaders in their respective categories,” said Vice President of Marketing, Jason A. Taitano. Alex Fraige, Dynasty’s Captain, said,” We’re stoked to join the Empire and RPS Team. They produce great products, have the best paint, and are a great partner for us to continue our success.”
More about KEE Action Sports LLC’st www.npseurope.com

Dynasty is the world's top professional paintball team. Founded in 2001, Dynasty has the most professional tournament titles of any team in the sport and is the current seven-time consecutive World Paintball Champions. For more information visit www.dynastypaintball.com

Dynasty & KEE Action Sports 

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