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Nicky Cuba and Todd Martinez Join The SPLATXD Staff! –We announced it months ago and the time has finally arrived. SPLATXD is proud to sign up two of paintball’s top pros to take care of FREE monthly video clinics, pro columns, and more. Their special sections start his month featuring great professional video strategy.
Nicky Cuba

Episode One – Communication
Todd Martinez

Episode One - Snapshooting
Chris Raehl Launches New SPLATXD Column!! – When players want answers, they go to Chris Raehl. President of the NCPA and the most hard hitting spokesperson in the history of the sport, Chris Raehl’s new monthly column serves as his forum to vent and reveal the truth behind the scenes of paintball’s biggest happenings. This month’s column: Where Did All The Money Go?
Chuck Hendsch: USPL Interview - The former NPPL President and current USPL Commissioner sits down for a exclusive interview on his new league and how he plans to once again head up the worlds best tournament series.

West Coast Illuminati - Over a dozen of the industry’s most important owners, media members and personalities have come together to form the first organization dedicated to fixing paintball and setting the new gold standard. Tom Cole, Ron Kilbourne, Matty Marshall, Chuck Hendsch and more begin to shape the future of our sport. They had the meeting, we were there! A SPLATXD WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!
Tom Cole – The original NPPL president and captain of Bad Company is returning paintball to its grassroots by bringing 10-man woodsball competition back to the limelight. Tom sits down with Don Saavedra for a candid interview on why players need an event like this more than ever.
DLX Luxe Review – Our crack team of specialists put the hottest new tournament marker through its paces. Dynasty uses it, should you? You’ll have to read the article to find out.
Also In This Issue:

• Attakk Gear Product Reviews – DYE I4 goggles, Angel A-Cam Jersey, Full Clip Crossover Pants, and more!

• Gear Head – Tournament and Scenario edition

• SPLAT Answers – The web’s #1 paintball FAQ.

Splat XD
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