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US Paintball League’s Surf City Open
Huntington Beach, CA Registration Opens Feb 16

Registration for the April 3 - 5, 2009 US Paintball League Surf City Open in Huntington Beach, CA opens February 16, 2009. This event will be capped off at 130 teams, so teams will need to register as soon as possible to secure a spot in this highly anticipated event.


The US Paintball League has lowered the 2009 entrance fees and raised the prize package.

Professional (Invite Only)
Division 1 7-man entry $2,350
Division 2 7-man entry $2,150
Division 3 7-man entry $1,850
Division 3 5-man entry $1,100

A professional player is someone who is listed on a 2009 USPL Pro roster or 2009 NXL roster. Anyone who played professional in 2008 but is not on a 2009 pro roster (USPL or NXL) is classified as Semi Pro.

    * D1 may have unlimited D1 players, unlimited SP players and up to 2 Pro players
    * D2 may have all D2 players, up to two D1 players, no SP or Pro players
    * D3 may have only D3 players
    * 5 man players cannot have any NPPL experience (this classifies them as D3 5-man) with the exception of up to one D3 7-man player.


Division 1
1st $9,000.00
2nd $4,250.00
3rd $2,250.00
4th $1,500.00

Division 2
1st $6,500.00
2nd $3,250.00
3rd $2,000.00
4th $1,000.00

Division 3
1st $4,250.00
2nd $2,250.00
3rd $1,250.00
4th $750.00

Division 3 5-man
1st $2,000.00
2nd $1,500.00
3rd $1,000.00
4th $500.00

More information on the event will be released in the days to come. To make sure you receive all the information as it is released, be sure to sign up for the US Paintball League email list at .

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