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1. Is paintball dangerous?

Like all action sports paintball is potentially dangerous unless adequate protection is worn (most importantly: eye protection) and safety rules are understood and followed. According to statistics of insurance companies, injuries are more frequent in bowling and golf  than in paintball.

-    Never remove facemask or goggles while on the field.
-    Off the field, engage the safety and/or remove ammunition from the barrel.

Players, who disregard safety rules, should not be allowed on the field.
Game organizers, who disregard safety rules, do not check equipment and/or rent defective equipment or do not provide players with protective gear, should be avoided.

2. Does it hurt very much to get hit by a pellet?

Answer is short – a little. Getting hit is a part of the game, but it doesn’t hurt as you would imagine. The paint pellets break open upon impact, and generally cause very little pain. What pain is experienced is more of a stinging sensation from the pellet’s impact against the skin or through clothing. Of course, the closer you are to the muzzle of the gun, the higher the velocity of the pellet when it hits you. Thus, more pain may be experienced when shot at close range rather than farther away. All in all, excitement and magic of the game will overcome the fear of getting hurt.